Visited on: 26th August, 2016


Thiruvalam is about 130 kms from Koyambedu, Chennai on the Chennai to old Bangalore road. If you are travelling from Chennai, on Chennai to old Bangalore road, the route is Walajapet – Ranipet - Muthukadai – Thiruvalam. From Ranipet, Thiruvalam is at a distance of about 12 kms. It is located near the famous old iron bridge.

Another route to reach Thiruvalam is via Veore. It is 25 kms from Vellore on the Vellore to Katpadi road.

General Information

Sri Vilvanatheswarar, Sri Vallanathar
Sri Thanumathyambal, Sri Vallaambikai
Theertham (Holy water)
Gouri Theertham, Neeva River
Sthala Vriksham (Sacred Tree)
Pathigam (Hymn) rendered by
Saint Thirugnanasambanthar

  • This is one of the 276 Devara Padal Petra Shiva Sthalams and 10th Shiva Sthalam in Thondai Nadu.
  • Lord Shiva in this temple is a Swayambumurthi (self-manifested lingam).
  • This temple’s main tower (Rajagopuram) has 4-tiers and this temple has three corridors (Praharam).
  • The temple is facing east with an entrance from south. 

History of the Temple

This temple is located on the banks of the Neeva river (also called Ponnai river).

It is said that Lord Shiva was worshiped by a demon (asura) called Theekkali, so this place is also known as Theekkali Vallam.

This is a huge and beautiful temple, built by the kings of Pallava and Chola dynasties. There are quite a few references of Rajendra Chola in the stone inscriptions.

The stone inscriptions in this temple reveal that this was an important pilgrimage centre in the past. We can find references of pilgrims using Thiruvalam as a resting place before journeying to other pilgrimages in southern states and as far off places as Banaras (Kasi) in Uttar Pradesh.